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USA Stars East Competition Judo Team


All athletes must be current members and in good standing with USA JUDO. You may register at


Athletes should have a properly fitting white Gi and a blue Gi for tournaments. If you bring only one Gi to a tournament it must be white.  You must also have a blue belt and a white belt. Not all tournaments will allow only a white Gi so always know beforehand.

Boys do not wear a shirt under their Gi. Girls, shirts must be solid white (no color or design). There is not always a place to change your Gi so please wear some type of comfortable shorts underneath to make a quick mat-side change possible. Most tournaments require athletes to wear shoes, sandals or flip-flops between matches, please bring them.

No hard or metallic object may be worn in competition.  This includes necklaces, wrist bands, watches and earrings.  This also includes the metal piece on some hair ties, long hair must be tied back.  Remove all of these items before you step onto the mat. Wearing these items onto the mat may result in disqualification.


Proper etiquette is important in judo and life. Always know that you are representing USA Stars, your coaches, and your peers. Follow the rules and be respectful to others. We spend time when preparing for tournaments going over the rules and proper etiquette. If you are not sure, ask. There should be no doubts concerning conduct and rules when stepping onto the mat.

Parents and athletes, please limit sideline voice to cheering and encouragement for those competing. There are a lot of distractions during competition and athletes should always look to the coaches’ chair for all guidance during a match. Win or lose the moments following a match is a good time for coaches to critique and give advice while it is fresh. Athletes should be available to your coaches after a match.


Training and preparation is the key to lower anxiety and stress as the tournament approaches. There is a direct link between hard work and success. Extra workouts are added to the existing schedule when preparing for competition. All athletes planning on competing are required to attend as many scheduled training events possible. Athletes not competing are also encouraged to attend all training events to help their teammates prepare.


Everyone has different needs for their overnight accommodations. Please stay anywhere that fits your needs when traveling. Coaches will provide contact information including where we will be staying in case parents or athletes need to contact us. USA JUDO has strict policies when it comes to contact between athletes and coaches. An athlete will never share a hotel room with a coach that is not a family member.  All parents are solely responsible for the care and accommodation of their children.