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Adult Program


The USA Stars East adult judo training program provides intensive judo instruction for beginners through advanced students. Our coaches have decades of training from the best coaches in the country. Years of study paired with extensive competitive backgrounds, including high level international competition provides the foundation for success of our adult judo program. We do not require the one year membership commitment that is necessary in the kids program; however, adult memberships carry the expectation of training regularly and the expectation of a commitment to the USA Stars team. Tournament competition is encouraged but never required. Belt promotions are earned after meeting appropriate time in rank requirements and passing knowledge and skills tests. Some promotion times may be shortened for athletes excelling in tournament competition.

Youth Program


​USA Stars East youth judo is available for kids ages five through fifteen. The youth program teaches kids the basics of judo as well as more complex competition skills. Our training style is based on mutual respect, discipline, hard work, and personal responsibility. New students may be a little overwhelmed by the complex and sometimes difficult drills and exercises. This is common and in a short time they will be up to speed with the rest of the class using proper judo etiquette, doing the drills, perfecting techniques, and learning the Japanese words used in judo. The six month or one year youth membership is your child’s commitment to get to that point. No USA Stars East athlete is required to compete and will be part of the team whether they compete or not. We believe competition builds character and valuable skills that carry on into all aspects of life and will encourage all of our athletes to participate. USA Stars believes in a more traditional belt promotion schedule. All belt promotions are earned and require time in rank plus training hours to be completed before being recommended for each promotion test. In addition to minimum time and training hours the Sensei must recommend each judoka for promotion. Often students must remain in a belt rank longer than the minimum requirements to ensure they possess the necessary maturity and leadership skills for the rank being attained. Recommendation for promotion is at the sole discretion of the Sensei. As the promotion tests get more advanced they get harder and may require some students, especially the younger students, to take longer than the minimum required time in rank before promotion. This structure ensures that young students lacking the maturity and skills necessary for advancement move at an appropriate pace. The highest ranking students in class are leaders on the team and will often assist the Sensei during practice.

Competition Team


Competition is where you put it on the line; stepping outside the comfort of the dojo and into a more intense environment. It is where preparation meets opportunity, where success and failure seem to matter a little more. Competition adds excitement and fulfillment to your judo and a sense of purpose to your training. The discipline, hard work, and preparation needed to be a successful judoka are the same requirements needed to make you a successful person. Our coaches have extensive coaching and competitive backgrounds; they know what it takes for athletes to reach their full potential because they have competed and coached at national and international levels themselves. Our commitment to you is discipline, hark work and preparation. The same commitment required of you if you choose to be part of the USA Stars East Competition Judo Team. Consistent training is a must for the competition team.

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