Sensei Ari Miller

Ari started wrestling in the second grade. A lifetime in wrestling led to an undefeated senior year and a High School State Championship that opened the door to college wrestling at the University of Oklahoma. Ari’s eyes were opened to the world of martial arts by a high school wrestling coach who introduced him to judo. This introduction led to a passion for all grappling arts. This passion combined with a special talent for judo led him to years of competition and  coaching. Ari has trained with and competed for the best coaches in the country, including more than a decade under the tutelage of two time Olympian and Olympic coach, Sensei Patrick Burris. His coaching style has been shaped by those years in college wrestling and especially by his years training under Sensei Burris at USA Stars Training Center in Moore, Oklahoma. Ari is a Yodan (4th degree) and holds an international coaching license through USA Judo, the governing body for Olympic judo in the USA. Ari’s continued relationship with Sensei Burris has allowed us to bring you USA Stars East Judo, the east coast affiliate of USA Stars Training Center in Moore, Oklahoma.

1983 Texas High School State Champion

1983-1987 Wrestler for the University of Oklahoma

1997 Sambo National Champion

1997 Sambo Pan American Champion

1997- 2001 Ranked on the Judo National Elite Point Roster

2016 Assistant Coach, USA Judo Cadet & IJF Jr. Pan American    Team, Cordoba, Argentina

2017 Assistant Coach, Team USA Women's team, Ladies Belgian   Open, Arlon, Belgium

​2017 U13, U15 Pan American Team Head Coach, Lima Peru

Ari competed and medaled in several national level Judo tournaments and represented the United States in many international Judo tournaments.

“ I continue to grow and learn from all of my Senseis’ coaches and teammates. My first Sensei Dr. Joel  Holloway, Shichidan. My Sensei, coach, and mentor Judo Olympian Patrick Burris, Hachidan (eigth degree), my coaches and teammates, Judo World Team member and World Sambo Champion Dr. Ron Tripp, Judo World Team member Amy Ehlenfeldt, and Judo National Champion, Kristi Burris. "

Sensei Alfred Brown

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